Saturday, December 5, 2009

A new piece I made for an exhibition Craft Victoria. It is a silk collar with sterling silver detailing. Unfortunately the shows over on Monday 6th December. I should have put this up earlier but I've been so busy!!! The show 'Sneak' was with 7 girls I graduated with. We had been preparing for it for the past year, well mainly catching up every fortnight on gossip and then realising at 10pm we probably should talk about the exhibition!!

In the window : enCounter
Now showing
Vanessa Maxim, cube rings

Recent jewellery graduates from NMITSNEAK16 November – 6 December 2009
Sneak steals a glimpse into the hand crafted and coveted items of adornment from eight Melbourne based designers and jewellers. These artists have joined forces to showcase their wares.
Featuring work by Tessa Blazey, Alexandra Bletsas, Milly Flemming, Tara Lofhelm, Vanessa Maxim, Elise Newman, Taƫ Schmeisser and O.T.T. by Lia T.

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